This restaurant is located in an ally at Dong Chu (close to Zhong Xiao Dun Hua MRT station). It offers both dim sum and classic Cantonese meals, including wonton noodle soup, Cantonese pork noodles, and my favorite one-Cantonese porridge! 

As you can see, the restaurant was remodeled after 1976. The kitchen is open-windowed and is very clean and organized. This is definitely one of the few price-friendly dim sum restaurants where you don't have to worry about food poisoning.

Pan-fried white radish cake. Dip some soy sauce, classic!

Ginger beef with special sauce and lots of green onions.

One of my favorite dim sums since I was five. (only 40nt!!!)

Pork noodles with special sauce. Yum!

tea-flavored boiled egg&pork porridge
One of the all-time favorites from my dad's generation
菠蘿油 (pineapple bread with butter...terrible translation)
FYI this tastes NOTHING like pineapple.
菠蘿油 is made of sugar, egg, flour, and lard.
Extremely fattening yet EXTREMELY DELICIOUS.
In Hong Kong, this is ranked as both "top ten junk food" and "top five most popular desserts"
I'd say give it a try!

+take away&order in service available
+prices: dim sum ALL 40NT
           soup 65-80nt
           noodles 70-120nt
           rice 90-100nt
           porridge around 90nt
+phone: (02)2777-1976
+address: 台北市敦化南路一段233巷11號1F
                1F, No.11, Lane 233, Sec.4, Dunhua S. Road, Taipei, Taiwan.

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