Q: What is CAKETAIL?
A: Caketail=cocktail with everything replaced by cake, fruits, and icecream!

The cafe is called O'Sweet. Some guys refer it as a "chick cafe" where the overall design and the size of the meals are specially focused on female customers. The cafe is well-decorated with purple sofa chairs and red&green cushions. Brunch, afternoon tea, and dinner are all offered. The service quality is satisfactory, and there is a 10% service fee.

Very nice cafe with free wifi available

All different kinds of cakes to choose from-
banana, strawberry, lavender, name it!

Full menu here:

Light Meal
Chicken, tuna, and beef focaccia are all highly recommended. The serving size is medium, but there are only literally 4-5 chips on the side, which is definitely disappointing. Next time, try to ask the waitress for more ahead of time.

Standard cafe drinks in standard cafe cups as seen below. Since there have been huge scandals about Taiwanese drinks lately, it is definitely safer to go for tea.

VERY VERY WELL DONE in terms of quality, satisfaction, and presentation. Since this dessert is customized, it won't be the ideal dessert to share because you simply won't be able to stop after the first bite. Recommended to everyone who finished at least an hour of intense workout

Mango, kiwi, banana, chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream

Strawberries, kiwi, banana, cookies, icecream, cake,
and jello on the bottom!

Slices mangoes, yum!

+address: 台北市大安區大安路一段51巷45號 No.47, Lane 51, Sec 1, Da-an Rd., Da-an District, Taipei, Taiwan
+phone: (02) 8771-7812
+store hours: 11:00am-10:30pm
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