La leone pasta

Located two minutes away from Zhong Xiao Dunhua MRT station, La leone is a popular, non-pricey Italian restaurant that has recently reopened. It is a great place for lunch/dinner with family or a small group of friends. I gave my first try today and I am definitely going back again. I will soon update this post with the full menu and more dishes.

Take a look.
Two floors+one huge TV screen

Medium-sized restaurant. Always lots of people around.

A+ for the remodeled look.
Vegetable Minestrone
Presentation: B+
Price: 60nt
Taste: B
Reason: Too salty.

Onion Soup
Presentation: B+
Price: 100nt
Taste: A
Reason: Love the taste of sweet onions. Very well done.

Variety: A-
Taste: A
Serving size: A- (enough to make you full, but definitely not enough for full satisfaction)

Go try: Seafood Pizza
Thin crust, very cheesy and crispy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Why La leone?
1) Open kitchen
Everything made-to-order. Very safe and clean.

2) Fast delivery speed
Since everything was made-to-order, I expected the food to come a lot later. The delivery speed definitely exceeded my expectations; it took less than 10 minutes for everything to come!
3) Reasonable price
Soup: 60-100nt
Salad: 120nt
Spaghetti: 160-220nt
Pizza: 230-280nt

+phone: (02) 8771-8739
+address: 台北市敦化南路一段223巷57號 No.57, Lane 223, Sec 1, Dun Hua South Rd, Taipei, Taiwan (2nd alley behind Ming Yao Department Store)
+order-in service available
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