"Tutti Frutti is a specialty frozen yogurt retailer with over 100 upcoming stores nation and world wide (California, Virginia, Georgia, Texas, Hawaii, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Tahiti, Mexico and etc). "

A lot of frozen yogurt stores have opened in Taipei during these recent years. TFyogurt is undoubtedly my favorite for it tastes neither too sweet nor too sour--it's just right!

Zhong-Xiao Sogo store is right next to the esculator (B3). Great location!
Bowls and waffles mark the beginning of the yogurt journey.

As you can see, orange, yellow, and green
are the theme colors of the store.

The esculated seating area is the best spot to hang out.

Colorful and recyclable spoons. Bring them back next time and
get a 2% discount.

Price by weight. Toppings included.
Price: 19nt/oz
Special Price offered on the 11th of every month!
Flavors change almost every 2-3 weeks by season and popularity.


The frozen yogurt at TFyogurt is very refreshing, and it combines the flavors and textures of icecream and sherbet. Also, the yogurt does not melt easily, and therefore does not turn into syrup (thumb-up).

Tutti Frutti Stores in Taipei

台北復興SOGO店 (Fu-Hsing Sogo)

+phone: (02) 7745-0520*114
+address: 台北市大安區忠孝東路3段300號B3
B3, No.300, Sec 3, Zhong-Xiao E. Rd,  Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan
+store hours: Sunday-Thursday 9:00am-09:30pm
                    Friday-Saturday 09:00am-10:00pm

台北信義誠品店 (Xin-Yi Eslite)

+phone: (02) 8789-3388*1916
+address: 台北市信義區松高路11號B2
B2, No.11, Song Gao Rd., Xin-Yi District, Taipei, Taiwan
+store hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:00am-10:00pm
                     Friday-Saturday 11:00am-11:00pm

台北站前誠品店 (Main Station Eslite) 

+phone: (02) 6632-8168*663
+address: B1, No.47, Zhong-Xiao W. Rd., Zhong-Jeng District, Taipei, Taiwan
+store hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00am-10:00pm 

*Reservations are not available on weekends and National holidays.

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