ZEZE Green Tea Cafe

Dedicated to all GREEN TEA fans!

Matcha (finely-milled green tea), also known as Japanese green tea, is often used to flavor dye foods such as mochi, soba, and ice cream. Originated from Japan, Zeze brought the Japanese green tea culture to Taipei, as now it is a true privilege for customers in Taipei to enjoy different variations of matcha .

Zeze cafe is located at Breeze @Taipei Main Station, where 青蔥beef noodles and 一之軒 bakery are. At Zeze cafe, you will learn that green tea is no longer just tea. This green tea cafe serves products such as ice cream, cake, pudding, chocolates, cookies, and boba tea!

matcha milk pudding&matcha pudding

matcha chocolate

matcha grapefruit cake

special matcha shaved-ice

As a first-time customer, I tried out the green tea ice cream for 100nt. Pricey...yes, but considering that it was 100% super-dense greentea icecream with lots of red bean and mochi, it definitely worth the money!

white mochi and red bean mmmMMMM~

Service&cleanliness: A-
Serving size: A-
Price: A-
Taste: A+
Location: A+
Delivery: A+

Conclusion: Definitely revisiting for either afternoon tea or dessert after dinner.

+hours: 10:00-22:00
+phone: (02)2389-9872
+website: http://www.zeze.tw/
+address: 台北市中正區北平西路3號 No.3, Bei-Ping W. Rd., Zhong-Jung District, Taipei, Taiwan

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