Healthy Lunch @Lutetia

Located next to subway at Tien-Mu (near Taipei American School), Lutetia is a small cafe well-known for its CREPES, QUICHES, AND SANDWICHES. It is a small, friendly cafe that makes it a great place to hang out with a group of friends. Outdoor seating and take out are both available. Also, service at Lutetia is great but there is no service fee!

Outdoor seating area

Lots of food options as you can see. The friendly cafe-owner also
gave me some great suggestions for a light lunch.

Fresh sandwiches and croissants. Yum!

Would love to try the QUICHE, PANINI, and APPLE PIE!
Fresh-made quiche ready for sale. Doesn't it
make you hungry?!
Naturally sweet fresh passion fruit juice. Loved it!

Sandwich (35nt)
I really liked the chewiness of the bread. Inside the sandwich, there were fresh sliced apples, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. I enjoyed the simple and great taste of it. It was definitely a healthier substitution to a turkey sandwich or a 便當 (Taiwanese boxed lunch).

Yogurt w/ Granola (60nt)
This tasted nothing like any of those cheap pre-packaged yogurt; it was chunky and unsweetened. The granola added a nice flavor to the yogurt. I really liked the overall presentation of the food as well. I would recommend this as a healthy after-meal dessert or simply an afternoon snack.

People who recommended Lutetia to me were right---the food was simple yet very fresh and delicious. I ended up having a really great time at Lutetia. I can't wait to try the Quiche, Panini, and Nutella Crepe for lunch later this week!

+hours: Monday-Friday 6:30-22:30, Saturday-Sunday 7:00-22:30
+phone: 02-2875-6977
+address: 台北市中山北路6段446號 No.446, Sec. 6, Chung-Shan N. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

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