Weekday Lunch Special @Chili's

It took me a while to learn that Chili's has a special 249nt weekday lunch special menu. The lunch combo gave me enough energy to stay awake throughout the day without giving me any post-Chili's tummy ache, if you know what I'm talking about. Lunch special combo includes 1/2 size of salad or soup, and 1/2 size of one main dish, and is served from 11am-4pm. The variety for the lunch set was quite good. There were two kinds of soup and two kinds of salad, and seven main dishes to choose from. I ordered: CAJUN CHICKEN PASTA+SALAD.

I really loved how the whole plate is very colorful. One rule about eating is that your plate should be 1/2 green and 1/2 everything else. This plate sort of satisfied the point since the salad (without dressing) balanced out with the creamy pasta. I was also satisfied with the serving size and I'd say it's great fit for those who are 80% hungry.

Let's not forget about the molten chocolate cake. It only takes less than a minute to destroy the whole thing when it comes to sharing.

Chili's in Taipei

Chili's @Xin Yi (Neo 19)
+phone: (02)2345-8838
+hours:Monday-Thursday 11:30-22:00, Friday 11:30-22:30, Saturday 11:00-22:30, Sunday 11:00-22:00
+MRT: Taipei City Hall (blue line)
+address: 2F, No.22, Song Shou Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 台北市松壽路22號2樓

Chili's @Tien Mu (Mitsukoshi)
+phone: (02)2875-4838
+hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:000-22:00, Friday-Saturday 11:00-22:30
+MRT: Ji Shan (red line)
+address: 2F, No.200, Sec. 2, Jong Cheng Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 台北市忠誠路2段200號2樓

Chili's @Min Sheng
+phone: (02)2545-8838
+hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:30-21:00, Friday-Saturday 11:30-21:30
+MRT: ZhongShan Junior High School (brown line)
+address: 1F, Building A, No. 134, Sec. 3, Min Sheng Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 台北市民生東路三段134號A棟1F
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