Taiwanese Food: Tien Yun Bien Shi

Officially my new favorite lunch spot at Tien Mu, Tien Yun Bien Shi (天雲扁食) is a local Taiwanese restaurant that offers popular dishes such as red oil dumplings, fried pork dumplings, and braised pork rice. Though located in a small alley, it is very well-known among the local Tien Mu residents. I learned about this restaurant from a local food TV show, and finally found it after three months.

You will find the price extremely cheap and reasonable here, since most dishes are priced at 30nt, approximately $1USD. This is the perfect place for those who are 90-100% hungry since the delivery speed is very fast. It literally only took 25 seconds for my lu rou fan to arrive at my table.

LU ROU FAN (滷肉飯) One of the must-eats in Taipei. The ratio between fat and lean meat is around 1:2. Lu rou sauce, or Taiwanese meat sauce, involves the use of meat, soy sauce, and sugar. There are many variations of lu rou fan around the local restaurants in Taipei, and this represents the classic version.

GAN MIEN (乾麵) literally means "dry noodles". This is another common food that could be found in local Taiwanese restaurants. Also topped with lu rou sauce, gan mien is a great option for noodle-lovers.

VEGGIE OF THE DAY Tien Yun offers different water-boiled veggies everyday, and therefore it is guarenteed that it uses fresh veggies. I was lucky that they served my favorite water spinach on the day I went!

DUMPLING SOUP In my opinion, this is the most fulfilling dish in terms of size out of the 30nt options. I was more than happy to pay the price of one US dollar for a big bowl of soup with seven big, fat dumplings. I also bought 40 frozen dumplings from the restaurant for 100nt to make my own dumpling soup, but when I then noticed that the dumplings were significantly smaller. So I would definitely recommend eating this freshly made at the restaurant.

RED OIL DUMPLINGS (紅油抄手) Topped with vinegar and sesame with spicy red oil on the side, red oil dumplings are definitely the bestsellers at Tien Yun. You will see in the restaurant that every table has a plate of red oil dumplings, and you will understand why when you give them a try.

+phone: (02)2874-7448
+hours: 11am-9pm
+address: 1F, No.21-5, Lane 22, Tien Mu E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
台北市士林區天母東路22巷21-5號一樓 (inside the alley at Watsons, across from Family Mart)
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